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I enjoy teaching and offer a wide range of workshops.
For details and in order to negotiate a frame for any of the workshops,

please contact me via e-mail.

· MOVING WITH EASE Release technique into creative dance
· EXPERIENTAL ANATOMY ( Release based )
· NEIGHBOURING GROUNDS working with Visual Art, Text, Music
· ANIMAL a venture towards presence and improvisation
· OBJECTS TO SUBJECTS how to make a prop your friend
· THE PERSONAL MUSEUM working from physical memories
explorations and applications for dance, theatre, group events
· DANCE COMPOSITION tools for choreografy
· CONTACTIMPROVISATION for people with special needs: teenagers
· LIGHTING DANCE an introduction to the fascinating world of lighting design, including basic technical skills and practise sessions
· DANCE DAYS three to five days of dancing indoors and outdoors, including technical training, creative work and circle dances
· STAGEWORK setting up a show in five days
· MAKE THE STAGE WORK basic directing tools and training