Technical Requirements

Stage Size: min 4x5m; almost any space will work
Lighting: basic lighting plus 1-3
Sound: 2 CD players, audio mixer, house PA
Manpower: technician to run sound and lights
Extra: one actor/actress and one
rehearsal (2hrs)

About the Piece

”Miss Schubert's world” has been produced for the ”Studio Perfos” in Lausanne on April 29th in 2001.
The theme was given by the organizers of studio Buignon (Le Jeux) and several performers presented their version of how to deal with the theme.

Originally I had planned on a solo event, but soon found out that, at least in Lausanne, I would need a translator to communicate the rules of the game. The solution was simple and worked: we introduced the role of a psychiatrist as a mediator between the audience and the performer and, acting much like a quizmaster, he or she helps the game to get started.
Performing the piece in the Czech Republic (at the Aslerki Festival in As) returned the same excellent results.
It feels very curious to perform and have people debate about ”your case” -- especially in a language that you don’t understand! And actually I do feel relieved when, in the end, the ”experts” find a way to connect ”Miss Schubert” with the outside world!

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