Technical Requirements

Stage Size: min 6 x 6 meters preferably blackbox.
If the musicians are placed on stage, then 8x6 meters are required.
Lighting: basic lighting, 1-3 specials
Manpower: 1 technician to run lights
Extra: 1 piano

About the Piece

Premiere: October 1998 at „Alte Feuerwache“, Cologne, Germany.
kleine welten has been performed several times at different places in Germany, proving adaptable to a variety of locations and circumstances. These have varied from large theatre spaces to tiny galleries and studios.

The piece is often performed in combination with other works. For example, an evening may begin with the dancesolo heartfelt, or heartfelt greetings (from Russia), followed by a duo-concert of music (modern renderings of old German folksongs) and end with the trio kleine welten.


"The world is a disk and life is a divisible pill – at least according to Eleanora Allerdings, the lemon-yellow woman on the round red carpet in a dry-humored performance particle from her cycle "small worlds". The latter of these came with instructions for use as a pain-killer…. In her anything-but-serious dances, Eleanora Allerdings was later joined by pianist Peter Fulda and the guitar player Dirk Mündelein."
Abendzeitung, 11.10.1999

"In celebration of the festival, the curtain rises on the story tellers. After the smoke and mirror circus tricks, postmodern high wire acts and eye-catching crowd pleasers, suddenly there appeared "kleine welten". And not even the out of tune piano and the tiny Hoftheater stage could stop the lonely high flight of the pianist Peter Fulda and electric guitarist Dirk Muendelein. The compositions appear dedicated only to their calming aesthetic. For their "Folk Song Renderings" the two system researchers worked their way along like careful collectors of flotsam and jetsam…. The short dance sequences of Eleanora Allerdings were convincing in their tongue-and-cheek elegance.
Nuernberger Nachrichten, 11.10.99

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