Technical Requirements

Stage Size: min. 4x4 m
Lighting: basic
An even floor. Outdoors
only on wood or stone, not on grass!

About the Piece

The premiere took place in March 1997 at the Habama Theatre in Jerusalem. In November of the same year it reached the final round at the competition ”Best German Dance Solo” at the Euroscene Festival in Leipzig, Germany.

”heartfelt” is my most popular solo, – due to its simplicity it can almost be performed anywhere.
There exists a duo-version of ”heartfelt”, in which Mathias Hudelmayer (Cologne) is dancing the second voice, which he has choreographed onto the finished solo. With Cornelia Blaettler (Switzerland) we also performed a trio: the two women dancing in unison and the man the additional part. The impact of the additional dancers upon the space is immediate -- the dance starts resembling a kaleidoscope whose ”clicks” you hear, as the little chips of stone and colored glass inside begin to move.

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