Technical Requirements

Stage: Black Box theatre, min. 7x8m, black dance floor,
backdrop with opening in the centre

Lighting: thorough stage lighting (sides, back, front)
plus 10 ellipsoidal projectors

Sound: 2 CD players, house PA and stage monitor

Manpower: 2 technician for setting up the lights,
1 for running them in performance

About this Piece

The premiere took place at the 2nd international competition for solo
dance and theatre 1998 in Augsburg, Germany.

Originally "greetings" was conceived as a contrast to, and completion of, heartfelt.
The pieces were danced in succession with a short interval of hopping animal-toys.
However, the piece has also been performed on its own, including at the ”Laufer Maerchentage”,
a festival of fairy tales.


"For 'greetings', the choreographer was inspired by Russian "floating" dances -- a folk dance form
which is performed entirely on the balls of the feet. This does indeed gives the audience the impression
of a floating dance. Wearing a mask and gigantic straw wig, Eleanora Allerdings whirls above
the dance floor constructing a personal geometric dream-world reminiscent of the visual world
of Giorgio de Chirico.”
Josef Schlossmacher, Kölner Stadtanzeiger

”Eleanora Allerdings’ two-part composition, "heartfelt greetings" is convincing above all for its sensual contrasts.
At the beginning she is seen hopping, stamping, spinning and tilting in childish pleasure.
The marionette-like quality of naïve innocence is contradicted as she next appears as a figurine
with straw pony tail, mask and a long velvet dress encircling a small puppet. A quiet, dream-like floating
dance which placed high technical demands on the dancer.”
Regina Urban, Nürnberger Nachrichten

”Its getting dark on stage, one hears an accordion being played and there is a quiet expectation in the audience. Suddenly there appears a puppet and it begins to dance. One must look twice before one realizes that it is a human being and not just a lively puppet. The long straw hair, bundled into a pony tail and falls over her shoulders, rocks in rhythm with the puppets movements. It is as if she were floating…"
Pegnitzer Zeitung

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