Technical Requirements

Stage Size: min 5x7m, preferrably white backdrop or wall
Lighting: basic plus 2-3 specials
Sound: 1 CD player, mixing board, house PA
Manpower: technician to run sound and lights (better: two technicians)
Extra: one old chair that will be crushed during the performance; one bicycle with a stand

About this Piece

Premiere: May 1999 in ”Galeria Ze do Bois” in Lisbon, followed by performances in Brussels (Espace Catastrophe), Nuremberg (Tafelhalle), Salzburg (Toi Haus) and Kopenhagen (Teater Sthyr and Kjaer).
Born out of despair about the hardships of being a freelance dancer, ”dance and fight!” became one of my favourite solos.


”dance and fight” was the title of Eleanora Allerdings‘ performance that told in a detached way of encounters with violence. She drew a dynamic collage about varieties of violent behavior and the absurdity of human outbursts of rage. Suddenly the woman with the shy look transformed into a fury with axe in hand”
Nürnberger Zeitung, 15.10.1999

”...she blows life into the objects, that she’s telling her stories with -, stories about a Samurai on his quest for knowledge, about marital fights, about a woman, who poured beer over her head and a drunk neighbor who crushes her bicycle...
Abendzeitung, 15.10.1999

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