Technical Requirements

Stage Size: min 6m x 7 m
Lighting: basic lighting plus 2-3 specials
Sound: 2 CD players, audio mixer, house PA
Manpower: technician to run sound and lights (better 2 technicians)
1 person in a bear costume (=1 person, 1 bear costume and 1 hour of rehearsal)

Extra: slide projector

About the Piece

Premiere: August 2000 at “Kunstpfade” – a visual arts event in Schleswig Holstein, Germany.
“animal” was first presented as an outdoor performance at dusk. The audience followed the trails of the “animal” that appeared every now and then, displaying a variety of movements adapted from the animal kingdom. In the Fall of 2000 the piece was transformed into a stage piece incorporating music, costume, a philosophical text and a bear crossing the stage. It was shown in the Tafelhalle in Nuremberg and in October 2001 and at Chisenhale Dance Space in London to great audience approval.

Although going on a “real stage” removed some of the original sensations of the natural surrounding, the piece endured this transition well. Awareness and presence have remained the main focus in the performance of this work.

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