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Ever since I started to study theatre and dance I have been teaching groups and individuals.
Sometimes the teaching was a setting for experiments and making work, sometimes it was basic skill-teaching, either way, teaching is for me a great joy and a part of what it means to be a dancer. Below you’ll find a short overview of the subjects I have taught and of the institutions for which I have worked.
The list is by no means complete, it is simply a tracing of some of my teaching experiences.

King Alfed College Winchester, UK Choreography
Teacher at the ”Centre for Drama
and Education DAS EI, Nuremberg”
Further vocational training for teachers,
workshops and international artistic projects for students
Workshops for the interdisciplinary school
Koinzi-dance Hamburg and Salon 77, Wuerzburg
Lighting design
Workshops and artistic projects for physically
challenged (Landeszentrale für
politische Bildung Stuttgart)
Contact improvisation
and Indian Kathak Dance
”Creative Dance” at the
”Freie University Berlin”
Creative Dance
Workshops at the Medau Institute for
physiotherapy and gymnastics, Coburg
Choreography and improvisation
”via vai” school for acting
in Nuremberg 1997/98
Dance and movement teacher
Studiobuehne Cologne
(an actors ensemble) 1996
Movement classes and coaching
Workshop at the Habama Theatre Jerusalem Rhythmical structures for dance
Workshops for Protestant Academy
Bad Boll, katholische Akademie für
Lehrerfortbildung Obermarchtal
Summer dance intensive, rhythmical
structures in life and art
Private lessons on request since 1996 Movement, dance, stagepresence
Ongoing laboratory Experimental work
Bildungszentrum Nuremberg Contaktimprovisation, New Dance,
Meridian work