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How A Net Works

As this lecture demonstration was aiming to start off a dialogue about networking among the audience, I had them seated in a big circle.The set-up is simple: every person is been given a small net, like the ones that contain fruit or vegetables.The lecture performance itself is a continuous shift between posing questions, developing a dialogue and performing what happens if ...

How A Net Works

take a net. Let’s look at it and describe, what you see.
It’s even,
it’s green,
the material is strong,
it’s small in itself,
the space in-between is bigger than the material itself

what can you do with it? what is its potential?
Collect and transport things
stretch to hold things
of a certain size and amount ...
(show with a chair & a spoonful of sugar:
too big or bulky things won’t go in, or pass the entrance hole,
too small things will fall through)

what happens, if you pull at one end? ...

what happens, if you put something in? How is the weight distributed? ...

If you cut an empty net: what’s the result? (show)

If you cut a full net: what’s the result? (show)
let’s examine the point of view at different parts in the net ...

– the empty net: does it have an idea of its potential?
I don’t think so; maybe a dream?

– the half-filled net, at the bottom, in touch with the content:
we’re really working hard! We move something! We’re important!
Do the others do anything at all?

– the half-filled net: at the sides, not in touch with the load:
where is this strain coming from? what are they doing down there?
what is it, that they are holding anyway?
Can’t we just get back and relax?

– the net totally full, say with potatoes:
yes, we’re really moving something here, all of us;

– the full net at the top, the carrier:
ok, the others hold, but it’s me who is actually giving
direction to the whole thing. I have an aim and I know,
where I want to deliver the contents of the net – anyway:
is there a way to make the handle better?

– being carried/ the content: (show two ways)
positive: hm, I am taken care of – I belong – I am embraced –
I am carried to a new place ! that’s exciting!

negative: he, what’s going on? Why is this shaking so hard?
I feel insecure! I don’t feel respected! I want back home!
My God, I’m falling out!
I never want to be carried by those people again

followed by an inspired discussion leading to an articulate vision

© Eleanora Allerdings, October 2000

This lecture demonstration took place at the Annual Conference
of the International Performance Network in the Theater Styr & Kjaer
at Copenhagen in October 2000.