Postcards From The Mynnydd Du

- we contemplated

Garreg Lwyd beautiful day, saw stones that looked like teeth or a stone library.
Met two couples and sheep, we spoke to one person on the top of the hill. In the evening went out and catched sunset on Pen Rhiw ddu.
Bounced up and down, orienting according to directions of the sky. Watching the landscape with tilted heads, sitting with heads connected.

met up back on Pen Rhiw-ddu , saw black cattle. Exploring wind in the mouth. Jessica stayed lying in the spikey grass while Eleanora went exploring and dancing round the stones. And then Jessica appeared as an angel at Eleanora's head.
We often went out a second time to the mountain each day.

Foel deg arbedd Jessica felt like an ancient female spirit at home amongst the large rocks. It was windy and rainy and we had two ends of the rainbow. Eleanora was sorting rocks and thoughts at the Cairn. Jessica discovered the bright orange grass amongst the deep black peat and danced happily about.

Tair Carn Isaf feeling fierce windy rain, umbrella broke. Jessica sitting with mood shaken in shake hole whilst Eleanora happily danced like a pixy round the edge sometimes romantically silhouetted by the oncoming dramatic sun.
We attempted to climb the mountain but onpouring rain forced us to flee. The sheep where looking alienated. They kept running away. The grass looked dark and hostile.

back to Tair Carn isaf completed the walk to the top. It was sunny then cloudy then rainy, but not much. We had a confessional frank talk on the top. We focused on the low lying stones. Putting the rocks on our backs and feet. Jessica rolled on the small rocks and didn't land in any rabbit droppings or sheeps shit.
View was striking, shade of clouds changing landscape. We saw a massive black cloud coming towards us but it changed direction upon seeing us, luckily!!
He Ho the happy Yogi!
Running down was very nice.

Foel deg arbedd we knew it was going to rain so we wore weather proof clothing and returned to xxxxx. Straight to the cairn and it was very foggy, mysterious looking. Someone was cooking mist in the valley. The mountains gently unveiled themselves. And then disappeared again.
Eleanora had a happy ritual dance. Jessica enjoyed contemplating and then performed a rain dance. We felt like a small part of a lost tribe. Eleanora thought that we looked and behaved like telly tubbies. Then we performed a playful sacrifice where we took turns in lying on a flat stone. We fell backwards against the wind and danced a tango towards Jessica's wet bag which sat in the distance. By then it was pouring with rain and Eleanora was soaking, the water dancing in Eleanora's shoes.

It continued on Thursday and Friday and then the log book got lost ……